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Have you ever dreamed of visiting Arizona? How would you like to make some serious money while you do? With a travel nursing job in Arizona, you can spend your days off taking in the sunshine and diverse beauty of this state.

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Arizona Travel Nursing Jobs

Arizona composes the southwest corner of the Four Corners states. The state is well known for its desert climate and distinctive vegetation, but Arizona is quite environmentally diverse. Areas of the state found at lower elevations are typically desert-like with hot summers and mild winters. Home to a large part of the Sonoran Desert, the southern region of Arizona is a great example of this climate. At higher elevations, such as the Colorado Plateau region in the northern part of the state, seasons range from cold and snowy winters to mild summers.

Beautiful Natural Surroundings

Much of Arizona’s land is dedicated to national parks and forests, such as the Petrified Forest National Park. In addition to one the largest collections of petrified wood in the world, this park is home to the eastern end of the Painted Desert. The Painted Desert is a region of colorful badlands spanning across most of northern Arizona. Stripes and patches of various reds, yellows and greens on the rock formations earned this land of rock formations its name. Visitors can walk the trails at the Painted Desert rim, choose from a variety of guided tours, and attend any of the several Ranger Programs offered.

Experience The Grand Canyon

One of Arizona’s most renowned and most-visited natural attractions is the Grand Canyon National Park. The Grand Canyon, part of many unofficial but famous lists of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is over a mile deep in some areas and nearly 280 miles long. The rim of this glorious natural wonder is dotted with blue spruce and Ponderosa pine forests. From these skyward forests to the bottom of the canyon, a variety of wildlife can be seen, ranging from mule deer to bobcats to desert bighorn. Many endangered species exist in the park, such as the Bald Eagle and several species of plants and fish. In addition to wildlife, millions of years of earth’s history find sanctuary here. The layers of colored rock composing the canyon walls tell the story of the planet from prehistoric times to the present day. Nestled within the canyon walls are the ruins of ancient adobes built by the Pueblo Indians in the 1200's and numerous artifacts from the ancient inhabitants of the canyon. This is a must see when you are working Arizona travel nursing jobs!

For a truly breathtaking experience, head to Sedona for a glimpse of its famous Red Rocks. These remarkable rock formations are visible from the interstate and can be seen in many movies and films. Visitors can marvel at the exquisite beauty of the red-rock structures from afar or by traveling through them. Numerous tours are available by Jeep, helicopter and horseback. Hiking trails weave throughout the rocks, some providing astonishing views of the outlying vistas while others embrace winding creeks. Each monolith is named according to what it resembles – Coffeepot, Snoopy, Cathedral and more! The unique and extraordinary beauty of the Red Rocks, mountains, forests and more earned Sedona the #1 spot on USA Weekend Magazine’s 10 Most Beautiful Places in America.

Travel Nursing Jobs in Arizona are Fun and Exciting!

There are many more natural attractions to be found in the Grand Canyon State. In fact, Arizona is home to over two dozen national parks and monuments, including Chiricahua National Monument and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Even more amazing scenery can be found in the red rocks of Monument Valley and Saguaro National Park. For the avid enthusiast of natural beauty, Arizona is the place to be!

Outside of the parks and geographic attractions, Arizona is home to over five million people. Though only fifteen percent of Arizona’s total land lies exterior to the parks and Indian reservations, the state has plenty to offer. Want to know exactly what a travel nursing job in Arizona can do for you? Then follow these simple steps:

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